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Staging Your Home to Draw Buyers In and Make the Sale!

Staging Your Home to Draw Buyers In and Make the Sale!

 You’ve done it! You’re ready to sell your home. This is a huge endeavor and quite frankly, it can be taxing. You have so much to plan and do, but don’t worry, creating a house that is sale-ready can be less complicated with a simple guide.

  • Curb Appeal
  • Clean House
  • De-Clutter
  • Neutral is Best
  • Aesthetics

Create Curb Appeal

When possible buyers are checking out houses, they are going to be viewing the outside first. This is where curb appeal comes into play. Make sure your home is pleasing to the eye. If your yard is unkempt and litter is taking over, you are less likely to make a sale, or even worse, it could drop the price of your home.


Lawn Care: Mowing the grass and trimming the hedges are a must. Whether you tackle the endeavor yourself or hire a landscaping service, the yard should look pristine. Plants and decor are optional, but if you do utilize these items, make sure they are tasteful. A few nice hanging ferns would be more pleasing than gaudy flamingos.


House Appearance: Look at the siding of your home. Is it unclean? Does it need a touch-up? Power-washing the outside, including any walkways, is a good idea. If the house is clean on the outside, buyers will be more inclined to check out the inside. If the siding needs a bit of refurbishment, spending time and money here will improve chances of selling your home later. Don’t forget to make sure that your house numbers are noticeable, either on the mailbox, curb or house. If a buyer is looking for 401 Maple Street, then you want the numbers “401” to be nice and visible.


Welcome: Make your guests feel welcome right away. If you have an ample-sized porch, have a couple of calming and embracing aspects. Maybe some wicker chairs with soft neutral-colored cushions and a “Welcome” mat that promotes pleasant greetings.


Clean House

It’s time to inspect the inner workings of your humble abode. And yes, even a grand large home can have a modest aura.


Surfaces: Sweep, mop and vacuum any and all floors. Chairs, Sofas, tables, and other surfaces should be cleaned, polished and look like new. If you have pets or children, make sure those pesky stains or food splatters are absent. Troublesome odors need to be eliminated. We will discuss pleasant odors best for selling your home in the aesthetics section.

Personality: Keep your personal style to a minimum. Perhaps you love the neon pink “BEER” sign in your kitchen, but it might not represent the style of those looking to buy.

De-Clutter Spaces

 Stuffing everything into cabinets and closets could seem like a good idea, but doing so will probably hurt your sale. People want to get acquainted with the house, so they’re going to open every door and check every knob. Every nook and cranny will be inspected. Try not to get frustrated during this process, letting go of personal attachments to your old home will benefit you in the long run. Remember that your goal is to sell the house and your new home is awaiting you!


Storage: Acquiring a storage unit is a great idea. If you haven’t already moved into your new home, moving most of your belongings into a storage unit will help reduce clutter. If you have time, a garage or yard sale will aid this as well.


Organize: With your remaining possessions, organize them nicely. Place an accent vase on the dining room table, or a mirror on the mantle in the living room. With the right placements, your home it will look more tidy and inviting.


Rearrange: Make sure your furniture is situated so that people will want to test out the sitting areas.  This goes for outside also. Show off available space, but keep to low key decor and color schemes.


Be Neutral

Neutrality is your friend! From wall paint to fabric colors, being neutral during this time is important. You want to appease as many potential buyers as possible.


Decor: Take the entryway for example. It’s where people will get the first glimpse into your home. A good idea for this area is a neutral color rug. Not a rug to wipe your feet, that’s for the welcome mat, but an accent that adds to the area. Depending on the flooring type, a rug can really provide a warm, soft and inviting finishing touch to that room.


Look at your other rooms. Do they express a feeling of calm and welcome? Try to be bland with most of the decor, but a few plants and throw pillows are always an option.


Use Aesthetics

 An aesthetically pleasing abode can make all the difference. Sure, being neutral is a good route to go, but don’t forget to show off your spaces.


Odd Spaces: That nook under the stairs? Make it into a tiny office or hangout room. Add a shelf, a chair and a rug, and it turns into a usable area. Decor should be kept at a minimum, but a nice painting would make your neutral-colored wall pop.


Odors: Now, let’s think about smells. You want your home to scream “Welcome, you can live here!” Baking a batch of cookies before potential buyers come will create a warm, comfortable atmosphere. If not baking, then lighting a couple of pleasant scented candles would do the trick.


Special Aspects: Utilize your home’s unique features. If you have a backyard fire-pit, and it’s not too hot, light it up. If there’s a bar area, and it’s warm outside, serve come chilled drinks for your guests.


Selling your home is a huge endeavor, but making some welcoming adjustments will advance your house from For Sale to Sold!

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