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Selling Your Home With Pets

Selling Your Home with Pets

People with pets will readily admit, their animals are a part of the family. But when it comes time to sell your home, potential buyers may not be welcoming of your four-legged family member. Believe it or not, there is a pretty big part of the population that are not animal lovers (gasp!) Or, it could be a simple case of allergies that will concern a buyer. Regardless of the reason, you may find buyers are turned off by a home where pets previously lived. When selling a home with pets, use these tried and true strategies.

Curb Appeal

When selling your home, whether you have pets or not, stand across the street and take in the entire exterior. The outside of your home is the first thing potential buyers will see, so it’s the first place you should look for signs of pet damage. Fill in any holes in the yard from pet digging, re-seed yellow spots in your lawn, clean up chew toys, and remove the stake and leash set. Check your decking and fencing for any scratches; restain or repaint to visually cover unsightly marks.

Fix the Pet Damage on the Inside

Because it is your home, you are more likely to turn a blind eye to the evidence of pets. Go over your home with a fine tooth comb to identify any pet damage. Scratches on the floor or door frames caused by clawing should be sanded down and painted. Don’t forget to check the carpet. Frayed rugs can be trimmed of stray threads for a temporary fix. Even tattered furniture can make a home look shabby. It’s probably best to hide severely damaged furnishings. Most importantly, nothing is a bigger turnoff to potential buyers than walking into a home that lingers with pet accident odor. If a carpet is partiularly stained, removed it completely and replace before even attempting to put your home on the market. Air freshener may only mask pet smells.

Keep it Clean

Nothing turns a buyer off more than a messy house. When you have pets, tidying your home is not going to cut it. You will need to really, really clean. Hide pet toys, bedding, scratching posts, and even their favorite blanket. Vacuum and sweep up pet hair from carpets and furniture. If you have cats, clean the litterboxes regularly to alleviate unpleasant odors. The best is to spray an air freshener and open windows to air out your property before showings.

The Fear Factor

Consider that potential buyers might be afraid of animals. The best possible way to show your home is to remove your pets completely from the premises. If possible, see if local family members can take in your animal(s) while your house is on the market. If a pet sitter is not available for full time, make arrangements to only show your home with Open Houses. This make scheduling easier if you need to put your pets in a kennel or pet day care for a brief time. If relocating your pet is not an option, make every attempt to keep the pets in a secure location (i.e. a pet crate, locked in a basement room, etc.) Remember, a buyer may not be the only one with the fear. Pets can get frightened of strangers in your home. Keeping pets and buyers separate is the saftest way to show your home.


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