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Reduce Moving Day Stress

Reduce Moving Day Stress

As exciting as it is to close on your new home, the anticipation of packing everything and moving can be daunting, to say the very least. As a matter of fact, experts say moving into a new home ranks up there alongside divorce, death of a loved one, job loss and major illness as one of the most stress-inducing life changes people encounter. Moving takes a lot of planning and worrying. It forces you to think about how much you truly need or want an item in your new house.

So while moving is inarguably difficult, you don’t have to experience a lot of stress or let yourself get overwhelmed by the burden of reorganizing your entire home. What you need is to go through all the right steps, make sure you have the essentials, and change your outlook on the whole experience.

Moving doesn’t have to be a hardship that could ruin the potential excitement of heading somewhere new. Treat it more like an “experience.” An adventure. With a few simple tips to reduce the stress of moving, you’ll be able to take some of the pressure off and find that moving can actually be enjoyable.

Plan for Everything
First and foremost, before your moving day, sit down and develop a strategic plan. Delegate moving tasks to your team of helpers. Even your children can help with an itinerary. Write up a list, by room, of all items that will be transported and label boxes accordingly. Keep the list handy so you know what goes where in the new home.

Make Moving Day only about Moving Day
When you’re moving an entire home, that should be the only thing on your schedule for that day. Moving always takes longer than you think, so don’t make lunch plans or an appointment with the cable company.

Have All Your Supplies Ready
Always make sure you have more than enough boxes, tape, scissors and markers. If you run out of packing materials, you’ll have to stop to re-stock. This wastes time on an already busy day. It’s better to over-buy than under-buy when it comes to packing supplies.

Start Packing Early
Even though you will technically have a “moving day,” the process of moving can start weeks before. Pack anything that you don’t need as early as possible. This could include bed linen, towels, kitchen appliances, filed documents and sports equipment. Any item that you don’t use every day can be packed in advance.

Mark Fragile Items
Make sure you protect your glassware and breakables with clothes, bubble wrap, or newspaper; then label your boxes with the word “fragile” so movers know to be extra careful with them.

De-clutter as You Pack
If you simply pack everything into boxes to take to your new home, the unpacking process will be a nightmare. Get rid of anything broken, un-usable or worn out as you pack to save you unpacking boxes of junk at the other end. If there items you have not used in over a year or two, most likely you don’t need it in your new home.

Clear it Out
Reduce the amount of stuff you move by holding a yard sale or donating unwanted items. After packing, have the house cleaned from top to bottom. If you’d rather clean it yourself than pay someone else to do it, make sure you have the cleaning supplies you need ahead of time.

Curb Your Nostalgia
It can be tempting to flick through momentos and photo albums while you pack, but this procrastination can make you lose precious time on moving day. Your goal is get your belongings into boxes and not looking back through high school year books.

Pack it before the Movers Arrive
Whether you’ve got a friends and family helping with your move, or you’ve hired professionals, have all of your belongings securely packed and ready to be loaded on to the truck or into a car. It could cost you extra if you leave professionals waiting.

Feed Your Helpers
Make sure you have plenty of water and snacks on hand throughout the day and take proper breaks to eat decent meals. Moving day is exhausting both physically and mentally, make sure you’re well hydrated and fed to stave off the exhaustion and crankiness.

Pack A ‘First Night’ Box
Make sure you have a bag packed on moving day that includes all items that must be easily located: change of clothes, toiletries, medications, important records, baby and pet food. Transport this box in the family car so it is readily available. You’ll thank yourself when you get to your new house and you don’t have to go searching through boxes trying to find a pair of clean socks in the middle of the night.

Make it Fun
Put on some great music or a podcast while you pack. Invite some friends over and make a day of it. Your attitude plays a huge part in having a stress free moving day. Focus on keeping the day upbeat and positive!

Schedule the Cleaner for After You Move
Most people severely underestimate how long it takes to clear out a house. And in order to do a thorough cleaning, it needs to be totally empty. Don’t stress yourself out by booking the cleaner for the afternoon of your moving day. Instead, schedule them for the morning after.

Have Cash on Hand
There are always hidden costs involved with moving house – paying the movers, buying pizza for lunch, getting a cab back from the truck hire place. Have some cash on hand to save yourself the inconvenience of tracking down an ATM in a new neighborhood.

Be flexible
You can plan moving day as much as you like but things will never run completely smoothly. It’s best to just go with the flow, deal with problems as they arise and be flexible enough to change plans if you have to. Getting yourself upset will only lend to the stress level, for you and your family/helpers. Prepare yourself ahead of time by getting in the mindset that something will inevitably go wrong. Then, don’t sweat it. Eventually, glitches will correct themselves and you’ll find yourself comfortable in your new home.

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