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Keep Summer Alive

Fall will officially be here in just a few short days. Are you excited about the change of the season, or do you want summer to keep cruising? If you enjoy the sun and want to hold onto summer, here are a few tips to keep your summer vibes alive this fall.

Get Outside

Although the temperatures are dipping, fall is a great time to get outside. Head to the park for a picnic, check out the colors or enjoy the peace and quiet on your porch.

Eat Fresh Summer Foods

Fresh fruits and veggies are synonymous with summer. Keep your summer diet going by eating fresh fruits and veggies and drinking your favorite smoothies.

Don’t Let Fall Slow You Down

Keep moving. Just because the season changes doesn’t mean you should stop your exercise or social routine. Keep moving. Get out and exercise regularly. If the weather is bad, visit indoor museums and botanical gardens.

Stay In Relax Mode

Schedules get a bit more hectic in the fall. Prioritize time to relax. Focus on your mental health.

Bring Summer Into Your Home

It may be chilly outside, but keep summer alive in your home. Rather than switching to warm fall colors, bring in pops of bright summer colors to brighten your spirits.

If you love summer, I hope these tips keep your summer vibe. If you’re up for a move this fall, call me. I’d love to help you buy or sell your home. Reply to this email or call me to set up a meeting.

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