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Achieving 2018’s Hottest Design Trends on a Budget

Designers are going back to their roots and throwing it back to the ‘70s with the hottest design trends of 2018. The modern homeowner can redesign from top to bottom with bold elements radiating style or accent their space with subtle but impactful accessories. From tones and patterns to textures and materials, here is how you can achieve this year’s most popular design trends without breaking the bank.

Kick-it-off with bold geometric patterns to create a dramatic presence. From the tiles in your shower to the tiles on your backsplash behind the stove. An inexpensive alternative is to get a throw with a bold pattern to help shake up your room. Patterns that are mostly white are a great way to experiment without getting too loud and adventurous. You can keep expanding the pattern in curtains and pillows to create a cohesive look. It will give even the most neutral space a dose of personality, and you don’t have to be super bold (but you can be!). Another cool trick with geometric patterns is to get an elegant and sophisticated black and white rug to add another level of eclecticism.

Another fresh look is to incorporate natural elements into your house, stones such as granite can really add a serene ambiance. To increase the organic feel add wood furniture and introduce houseplants. You can also add sheer white drapes to give your home an organic and nature-like feel. If you’re on a budget try adding small branches to your your countertops to bring nature into your home.

Velvet is in! It is a luxuriously funky texture that has been reinvented to be low-maintenance, machine-washable, and resistant to stains, fading, and abrasions. You don’t have to dive right in and reupholster everything (though you can totally do that if you want), start with a throw pillow to see how it feels. If you pair velvet with ceramics and wood frames you will have an elegant, yet still humble look.

April showers, bring May flowers…Floral patterns are back this year, spruce up your home with large prints on your accent wall that use exaggerated proportions and contrasting colors. Don’t forget floral rugs to bring the space together.

Modernize your place with metallic accents. Copper is great for creating an earthy feel to your home. Target’s new furniture line Project 62 is full of fun inexpensive pieces to give you the look you’re going for, whether it is a rustic look or something more modern. The newest trend is contrasting the two in unique and interesting manners. For those specialized pieces look on Etsy, CB2, Houzz, and All Modern.

It is the year of bolder colors. Let your house speak for itself with bold colors with décor that pops! Dramatic reds, bold yellows, vibrant greens, and pinks that make a statement are all good colors to brighten up a space to make an impact. Using a neutral backdrop allows you to have bold colors for your furniture or it can allow you to hang art in unexpected places the kitchen island, for example, adds fun dashes of color to any room. Small doses of color make will make the room pop, try it with serving ware and house plants. So be bold!