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Monthly Archives: December 2016

    Tips To Shorten The Home Buying Process

    By Client Care Marianne McGinnity | December 23, 2016

    The home buying process is just that. A process. It requires time, patience, knowledge of the steps involved and most importantly, having the best professionals to partner with! If you are a home buyer with time constraints though, you might be wondering how you could speed up the process. You’re in luck, as this article... Read More

    Holiday Home Staging

    By Client Care Marianne McGinnity | December 13, 2016

      As a home seller during the holidays, home staging can be challenging. Part of home staging is having just the right amount of décor displayed without taking the focus away from the best features of the home.  Too much can make the home look cluttered and too little can make the home look drab and uninviting. Below... Read More

    4 Home Buyer Mistakes NOT To Make With Holiday Gift Money

    By Client Care Marianne McGinnity | December 6, 2016

    Don’t make these mistakes with money you are gifted for a home. One of the most important things for a home buyer to prepare for is the down payment on a mortgage. Some home buyers may be fortunate enough to be receiving monetary gifts this holiday season to put towards there home. With gift money,... Read More